JoAnne LeBlanc

  Prior to my culinary career, I attended Boston University majoring in Art History. I also attended The School for the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, where I studied Advanced Photography, Painting, Printing and Book Making.

  I started my culinary training, working with Richard Vellante at Allegro, becoming his Sous Chef at Vellante's. Richard is now an Executive Chef for Legal Seafoods. Next I spent a Summer at The Harvest as Rounds Chef, then moved to Upstairs at the Pudding. I was Sous Chef and Chef de Cuisine working with several talented Executive Chefs and Sous Chefs, over the course of my eight year stay. Deborah Hughes and Mary Catherine Diebel provided me with every opportunity to grow, and treated me like family. I wish them every success, in their new venture.

  My taste for Italian and French Cuisine developed, while spending two years working and traveling throughout Europe. That taste is now reflected, in our menu, at Delfino.






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